The Dressing Gown Coat









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So, this is a tricky one. The camel coat. The dressing-gown camel coat. Desirable, delicious, extravagant, luxurious – you can label it with any sumptuous noun you like, for me, this coat is my favourite wardrobe garment and at the same time, the one I’m lacking. Thats because I have expensive taste. Which is unfortunate, because working part-time at Topshop just isn’t going to cut this one at the moment, and thus, eBay has become my late night buddy, to enable me to sniff one out, hunt one down, stumble and trip on dodgy camel coats and camel trenches until I find the one. Going back to the opening sentence of this being ‘a tricky one’, what I mean is, the camel coat, in all its beauty and glory, could go very old-wealthy-lady if styled wrong. I mean, you could say that about alot of capsule wardrobe pieces- the very nature of the capsule wardrobe is sensible, practical and well, grown-up. But you know, actually this doesn’t matter in the least, because like the other tricky wardrobe item, the knee high boot, its how you wear it. If you team a heeled-knee high boot with a very tight short dress, then expect to receive plenty of unwanted sideways glances. Wear the dressing-gown camel coat with penny loafers, a highly sprayed and teased bob and a neckerchief, then yes, its highly likely you’ll be asked where your butler lives or at least if the person enquiring can assist you with your bags. However, I don’t intend on wearing my dressing gown with a stiff bob. I’ll wear it with leather, ripped denim, leopard print, animal print….my usual suspects of late and hopefully, will be on the road to sophistication, which is a long, winding, never-ending one, but I’m happy with that.

The Dressing Gown Coat

Topshop Double Breasted Pea Coat / French Connection Divine Dorothy Coat /  H&M Camel Coat / Stella McCartney Esme Double-Breasted Coat

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