Dancing In The Shadows







Stella McCartney is responsible for the latest revival of the City Pinstripe. Yes, yes, its been around since before Granny was born in 1928, I know and I’m pretty sure the boys on Wall Street were wearing pinstripe slacks long before we were even a pinprick on the horizon, however, speaking for myself, I never fail to see how these classic designs can be reinvented for the modern world and indeed the modern lady. And with this in mind, I therefore declare my passion for the pinstripe in the form of a suitable candidate thrifted in the ever-reliable charity shop. These wool suit trousers fit like a dream and though not a gambling girl (I’ve never been one for a poker face), I’d bet money that these had never been worn. I had my eye on this Mango pair (as did the rest of the blogging world) so I am more than elated to have found my own version. I might have preferred a tapered leg, but honestly, this flared fit is probably more flattering for my curvatures. and speaking of contours, where better backdrop to present my frugal purchase than this linear architectural landmark I frequently pedal past on my way to work. Inspiration strikes in the most unlikely of places, with the magnificent Network Rail HQ building posing as no exception, throwing shadows and shapes transforming this buzzing hive of activity by day into a photographers (and skateboarders) playground by night.

I’m wearing Wallis Biker Jacket ; Zara Striped Cropped T-Shirt & Shoes & Charity Shop Wool Trousers


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