The Classics



Grey Jumper – Zara Men (Similar here) ; Knitted Angora Cable Jumper – Topshop ; Winter Boyfriend Jumper – Me & Em

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No, I’m not talking about Milton, Keats or the late, great Dickens. I’m afraid you’re on the wrong blog if thats what you were expecting. I’m talking about far less cultural matters and that is, yes, you guessed it, classic wardrobe pieces. Three white t-shirts (I like Gap ones for their quality, cut and value for money), three black t-shirts (and I find v-neck suits me best), a mid-wash blue pair of jeans, a pair of indigo jeans (I’ve recently been wearing these Fit & Flare Wallis pair), a pair of black skinny jeans ( I wear these Cheap Monday ones), a white shirt (another Gap purchase but they’re super reliable for classic wardrobe staples), a blazer (I love this one) and a pair of black flats (these Russell & Bromley pair are my all time favourites).

Its not rocket science, but basically, if you have these pieces in your wardrobe, they’re the perfect base to build the rest of your wardrobe on. Trend pieces, other classic pieces such as a black silk shirt, a pair of tuxedo pants, a pair of black stiletto heels, a biker jacket….the list can and does go on, but doesn’t have to. Another point is that its worth spending a little more on these wardrobe basics, because you’ll be wearing them frequently. They all go with each other, blue jeans and a white shirt, tuxedo pants and a cream chunky knit or a chunky knit and a pair of ripped blue jeans and a white shirt with tuxedo pants. They all mix and match and they always, always look good together – look after them well and they’ll remain fresh, clean and classic for a long time.

2 thoughts on “The Classics

  1. Hi there-A really inspiring and stylish post and basics really are so necessary for pulling existing pieces together, I’ve updated my wardrobe with some navy and wine colour tees for this season.

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