Lapis over Zara

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Blue seems to be my colour of choice lately. I’m not really sure why this happened but I seem to have accrued vast quantities of an array of lapis-flavoured pieces. As much as I love the baby pink trend at the moment, I think it suits the blond complexion more, and I’m not blond. Yet. Baby blue also seems to be a bit of a micro-trend, so I’m going with that, though this colour also looks pretty amazing with a mop of honey-hair.

Moving on, I went shopping yesterday. You may not believe this, but I don’t go out shopping often. I shop online. But its not often I have time to browse the rails, so yesterday was a rare moment. I went everywhere. Everywhere, that is, but Zara. I wanted to use Zara as a last resort. As much as I know I will always find something I can’t walk away from, I was getting bored with it. Bored with saying ‘Oh, its Zara’, bored with suggesting ‘ try Zara’, bored with Instagram feeds full of ‘Zara, of course’. I mean, there must be more to the world of high street fashion than Zara. Since realising my latest affliction, I haven’t opened up the Zara app, visited the website, thought about or even talked about said brand. Yesterday, however, I struggled. I zigzagged the streets, searching for clothes to jump out at me. I went to high-end shops, reliable high street stores (I managed to avoid H&M too though I have a jacket on order with them online) and shops I haven’t been to in a fair few years but genuinely found nothing I wanted to buy. I work at Topshop, on the shop floor, so I gave it a miss yesterday, for that reason. And when, after nearly two hours, I hadn’t found anything I wanted to actually hand over money for, I broke my self-imposed ban, and visited Zara. And found something immediately, bought it then went home. Was I thinking about this too much? Was it not worth thinking about? Am I being difficult for the sake of being difficult? I didn’t think I was. Where I live, there isn’t as much choice as there is in London, Manchester or Leeds. We don’t have boutique stores, or concept stores. We have regular high street chains which don’t offer what it is I’m looking for. Which is why I shop online.  After all this unnecessary procrastination, I also think that with my obsession of all things luxe and high-end, that my expectations of fashion have become more refined, so perhaps high street fashion isn’t inspiring me as much as it once did.  Or maybe, Zara is so damned good at delivering designer-inspired (read : ripped off) fashion at high street prices? Jeez, maybe I just need to chill out a little…… it time to go on holiday yet?

I”m wearing a Silky Trench Coat from H&M ; Jeans from River Island ; Shirt by Autograph at M&S from British Red Cross ; Shoes from Gap (similar here) and Bag from Chanel.

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