Passion / Obsession


Top Line : Vogue Germany August 2013 ; Vogue Italia August 2013 ; Vogue Paris August 2013 ; Vogue UK October 2013

Bottom Line : Styleby Issue 17 ; Styleby Issue 19 : Vogue Paris September 2013 ; Vogue UK September 2013



Lets not beat about the proverbial bush. Magazines are selling tools. The reason they exist is to seduce us, until we succumb to the overwhelming desire to spend our monthly grocery fund on a hypnotic pair of Wang shoes or an ‘essential’ new bag for next season. We’ve all been there and you can’t deny it, to me or yourself. This materialism is compounded over weeks, months even, of repetitive marketing, convincing us we need the latest covetable mandatory wardrobe addition. Magazines wouldn’t exist unless they fulfilled their tangible and intangible sales and advertising targets and consumer reach, so in most cases, we know they’re doing their job and doing it well.

On the other side of the page (see what I did there), magazines are pieces of art which also serve to record and document trends, historical moments (Royal Weddings being a major theme) and social mood. Editorials are pushed to their previously unexplored frontiers by photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, Josh Olins and David Bailey, stylists, inspired by every drop of life around them, translate their visions into conceptual masterpieces. For those like myself, who wholeheartedly appreciate every single page of these printed art galleries are perpetually stimulated and magnetically attracted like hypnotic robots, forming an orderly queue to line the pockets of the big guns at the top.

Frankly, I am far too passionate about sartorial elegance to worry about lining said pockets and allowing this to prevent me from investing in a curated wardrobe. And these visuals are proof of this. During the summer, I collected Vogue from every country we travelled through, I subscribe to the Scandinavian delight that is Styleby and The Gentlewoman is one of the most perfect specimens of printed sartorial matter I’ve seen in a while. Some might say a massive waste of money, but me, I say money well spent, though perhaps I should choose one less publication a month and save the money to put it towards that pair of shoes I spotted in last months Vogue Paris…..but that’s a whole other story.

One thought on “Passion / Obsession

  1. Well written piece and well said! I have collected magazines over about 16 years and it’s time to off set the less exceptional ones, but keep the iconic issues. Such a great post, reminds me why we continue to invest in them and let me just end with: The GentleWoman. Class

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