Living By Rules





IMG_0329_2Over the past few months, my personal style has evolved. I’m more strict about what I buy, I’m more attracted to black, white and grey and I’m turning alot more to navy blue lately. I’m not a major dress wearer anymore, and I’m not so excited by florals like I once was. Sometimes I think perhaps my style needs livening up a little, but the style I love comes naturally, so the livening up may not work because our style has to be a natural process, inimitable and unique. So I’m not going to beat myself up about it anymore. I find inspiration from all kinds of sources, and this too, will naturally be reflected in what I wear. Black and white are reliable colours. They speak their own language of sophistication, nonchalance and classic styling, just like the cut of this skirt I bought a few weeks back (before my self-imposed Zara ban – more on that soon). When I ordered it, I loved it but of course I’m poles apart from the model on the website (she’s a gazelle, I’m a cuddly brown bear) so I was reserved as to whether or not it would suit me in the same way. I was also unsure the length of the skirt would do me any favours, but actually, the mid-length skirt ends at one of the most flattering parts of the leg, at the knee, so this skirt became a keeper (oh, and as a self-confessed Philophile, did I mention its similarity to Celine’s latest offering?) Paired up with my latest capsule wardrobe addition, a sweater from Me & Em, this outfit is made for orange-hued Autumn sunsets. And as long as I’m not chased by any cuddly brown bears whilst wearing these crazy-high boots, I’ll channel my inner gazelle, walk tall and remember the wise words of Miss Katy Perry or something like that.

i’m wearing a Winter Boyfriend Jumper from Me & Em ; Neoprene Flared Skirt from Zara ; Boots from Kurt Geiger (Similar here)

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