The Luxe Bomber





The words ‘Bomber Jacket’ used to make me shudder. I imagined those khaki green orange-nylon lined ones from the 80’s which, frankly, I found ugly (that’s probably more to do with the snotty nosed kids that used to wear them). Bomber jackets with a 1950’s varsity-vibe are always a yes, and then comes the silky bomber. A silky bomber jacket, however, is a different matter entirely. A stylish replacement (not alternative) to the granny cardigan, they’re ideal as a light layer for traversing the seasons or throw one over your shoulders to accompany a pencil skirt and a pair if sexifying heels. They’re elegant, sophisticated, dare I use the word ‘edgy’ and can be worn with pretty much anything. This luxe-embroidered versionI found in Topshop today is the best one I’ve seen so far on the high street (I’m under a self-imposed Zara-ban) and predictably I’m looking forward to styling a bomber-ripped jean ensemble, so stay tuned to your cyber-tronic electronic device for further adventures coming your way. Over and out.

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