Getting my knit on.







IMG_0296I’m not sure I’ve owned a piece of clothing which has ever had as many compliments as this Knitted Angora Cable Jumper from Topshop. I’d love to say my Gran knitted it, but that would be a lie and impossible. I’d like to say I bought it from a remote island off the coast of Iceland, covered with mini ponies and wild flowers whilst sailing in an Italian yacht between homemade-biscuit-shaped archipelagos . This too would be a lie. Actually, where I bought it from was the high street. Good old Toppers. Its chunky. Its soft. It volcanic in temperature. Its not to be worn in summer. And I’m going to look after it and keep it forever, because this kind of knit never dates, is never out of fashion and is perfect no matter what age you are, especially worn out in the North Sea with a matching yellow beanie and a pipe between your teeth.

I’m wearing Knitted Angora Cable Jumper, Leather Skirt and Suede Boots from Topshop and Rings by Bouton

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