The Bootie.




Hello, hello! I’m back! After two and a half weeks away travelling through Europe and a few days trying to get back into a post-holiday routine again, I’m back, recharged and full of beans. Autumn/Winter clothes are dropping in stores, and unfortunately, this excites me beyond belief. I’ve come to the conclusion that when you work in the fashion industry, you’re wearing the next seasons clothes during the season beforehand. Then by the time the next season starts, you’re already onto the following season. That doesn’t mean to say I don’t enjoy wearing current season clothes, no way. Which brings me nicely onto these booties which happened to find themselves on my feet the day after I returned from our travels. The pair of boots I really loved were similar to these hotties however they sold out, so even if I had had a few spare pennies, they would’ve been the ones I would’ve invested in. So imagine my relief when I found this Topshop version. I love them so much, I’m even considering buying a second pair. Perfect with skinny jeans, a leather skirt or a new season mid-length skirt – they work with everything. Outfit post coming soon to a screen near you……

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