A Summer Breeze.






I’ve been meaning to have some photos of my new shoes taken but its been one of those crazy weeks before a holiday, when you have a million more jobs than normal to do, because you’re trying to cram them into a stupidly small space of time. So, instead, I thought I’d share with you what I wore today. In the blistering heat. I’m not moaning, no way. I will never do that after the longest winter on record, not that I’d do that anyway.  As much as love outerwear, I’m definitely a summer girl.

This jacket I bought from H&M is my new favourite. Its silky soft, unstructured yet smart enough to pass as a blazer. More importantly, the print is what caught my beady eye. I’ve become obsessed with tiny print, especially of the monochromatic variety, so this baby ticks all the right boxes. And denim shorts are definitely a summer staple – just as long as theres no botty cheek on show, coz as we know, thats a big no-no. Whilst on the subject of H&M, I feel compelled to tell you my thoughts on their clothing. I realise my outfits generally feature something from H&M and thats for the genuine reason that I always find something I love, whether its a silky vest top or a blazer for £20, its so affordable that its too hard to leave without purchasing. H&M is predictable, widespread and I often think to myself I should shop elsewhere, but where I live, its full of chain stores, there are very few independent places to offer anything alternative. I should really save my money and stop buying cheap clothes and invest in higher quality but since I work in the city where I live three days a week, its often too hard for me to just walk past. Sad, I know but as you already know, I eat, sleep, breathe, consume fashion like its….well…going out of fashion ironically.  Don’t be too critical, I’m just a girl with a passion and a very big dream.

On another note, I’m off on holiday tomorrow, so posts will be few and far between, but you can keep up to date with my Instagram feed, because there’s no way I could leave that alone for a whole two weeks……

I’m wearing Formal Soft Step Hem Top from Topshop, Denim Shorts, Blazer, Bracelet & Bag from H&M, Snakeskin Slippers from Jemima Vine & Stacking Rings from Bouton.

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