Tough Job.







So, lately, my personal style has grown up. I’m less into florals and femininity, and more into basic colours – black, white, grey, nude. They’re perfect styling colours – they go with everything, they’re sophisticated, luxurious (as long as you pick good quality, which is the key)  and nonchalant. Saying that, these bold print trousers are pretty amaze balls. Their colour fits in with my latest colour requirements and yet their pattern is as bold as a black cat in the snow (not sure how I came up with that analogy) As you know, I work at Topshop, therefore its a requirement that I wear their clothing (tough job) – sometimes I struggle to find pieces that I think would suit me but the beauty of it being a necessity to wear their clothing, is that I have to try new pieces that I may not normally wear. Which is how I came across these trousers. They’re not available anymore so its unlikely I’ll be able to wear them anymore to work, which isn’t such a shame for my personal wardrobe, because I can really see myself wearing them with this beautiful jumper throughout Autumn. Thanks Toppers, you rock.

I’m wearing Topshop Formal Joggers (similar styles here), Topshop Zip Shell Top, Zara Nude Heels & Gold Chain Necklace (vintage)

6 thoughts on “Tough Job.

    • Thankyou! They’re a pretty nice shoe-Zara has trapped us with their low-budget minimalism-I’m finding it hard to tear myself away!

  1. You look super glamorous and ready to go from day to night!

    Please feel free to check out my blog or even give it a follow if you like it 🙂

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