Dang those Wangs.





IMG_9800Alexander Wang has been one of my favourite designers for a long time. His designs are modern, simple yet complex in structure, constructed by someone with a laterally thinking mind and a vision as sharp as a blade. Wang designs give me butterflies and that’s all you need from a fashion label – to instil a sense of anticipation, desire and lust creating fluttery feelings from head to Wang-craving toes. Which leads me on nicely to these sexifiers which ended up in my hands and on my feet as of yesterday. Without wanting to churn out cliché after cliché, I will anyway. These shoes are the most amazing shoes I’ve ever put on my feet. They’re crazy-comfortable with padded zip-straps in all the right places to make your toes and your feet look hotter than they’ve ever looked. Ever.

I bought these Alexander Wang Kyla Zip-Detailed Leather Sandals from The Outnet.


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