With this ring.

M&S Weddings


Autograph Pure Cotton Geometric Broderie Dress / Autograph Slash Neck Lace Skirt Dress / Bead & Stud Embellished Belted Jumpsuit / Autograph Lace Bodycon Dress / Limited Collection Zip Detail Shift Dress

Autograph High Heel Sandals / Autograph Leather Toe Cap Peep Toe Shoes / Limited Collection High Heel Platform Court Shoes / Autograph Leather Peeptoe Shoe Boots / Autograph Faux Snakeskin Clear Heel Sandals

Receiving a wedding invitation is one of the best things to receive in the mail. Close friends have decided to declare their true love for one another in public. Or, we could read it as an invitation to one of the best, most ridiculously raucous parties of the year (if ours was anything to go by). The next thing to think about is the outfit, a new one of course. We get excited, have a look around, try a few things on and decide that actually, sometimes weddings can be a complete pain in the arse. What do I wear? Should I wear a dress or two pieces? Do I spend £50 or £350? Will these shoes be comfortable all day? Will they sink into the grass? Will I be warm enough? Questions, important ones, which I never ask myself. Because I’m impractical. The only question I’m thinking about is will this go with that? Actually, thinking about it now, I don’t think I really ask myself any questions. I just wear what I think is right. Frankly, thats probably the best way to be but I know that goes completely against practical-thinking people.

On Friday, I’ve been very lucky to have been invited along to Marks & Spencers at Marble Arch (London) to style competition winners with a complete outfit for a wedding. Styling other people is what I love to do, so I feel extremely fortunate to have been chosen to do this tricky task. I’m pretty certain they won’t be impressed that they’re being styled by someone as impractical as myself  (I’m kidding, obviously) but I will most certainly do my best and hope that they leave M&S walking taller, with a big bag of luxurious clothing and a great big smile. What woman wouldn’t want to do the same? I’ll update you on my M&S wedding styling shenanigans, so stay posted ma friends…..

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