Working Girl



Love and hate are two basic human emotions. They’re feelings you can feel about a loved one, a friend you spend too much time with, your reflection in the mirror, or even your pet woofer. We’re human, and these feeling are what make us human. Without highs, there are no lows. Without love, there is no hate. Fashion is one of the main partakers in this rollercoaster of emotion. We can see a bag which can make you feel like your heart has stopped beating, leading to an overwhelming sense of lust, forcing you to lose all perspective and defrost your credit card quicker than you can say Laundry Bag Coat. You can feel exactly the opposite over a pair of shoes, turning your stomach, creasing your brow, turning your smile upside down. Thats the beauty of fashion. Having so much passion it can ignite your sartorial campfire or extinguish it just as quickly.

When I put this outfit on, I loved it. When I saw these photos for the first time, I hated them. And I know for a fact, that this outfit will not be liked by some people. Trainers and leather? Garlic and bread? Together? These photos were taken two weeks ago and now I’ve had a few days to think about this outfit, I don’t feel so strongly about it now. With these sneaks, this outfit is easy. Easy to wear, uncomplicated and unexpected. To be honest, if I wore it again, I’d remove the necklace. Its too much. It needs something more simple, like a gold chain. Its not a dressy outfit but it is kind of working girl and anything Dolly Parton related is always fine with me.

I’m wearing Blazer from Topshop (Similar here) ; Leather Skirt from Topshop ; Bodysuit from Topshop ; Lunarlon sneakers/trainers by Nike (similar here & here ; Necklace from Azendi.

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