Don’t Sweat It

No Sweat


Wadded Sweat by Topshop – £40 ; Knitted Quilted Sweater by Topshop – £38 ; Sweater with transparent shoulders by Zara – £17

Zoe Karssen Fun Sweatshirt – £66 ; Stine Goya ‘Jules’ Sweatshirt – £116.77 ; Karl Lagerfeld Neon Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt – £130

What was once a secondary wardrobe essential is no longer taking a back seat. Over the last couple of seasons, sweatshirts have become a key fashion piece – embellished, wadded, quilted, beaded, neoprene – any which way a designer or high street brand can put its own spin on it, its been done. Kenzo were part of this trend, with their majorly-photographed green tiger face sweat. Unsurprisingly since then, its been access all areas.

The sweatshirt could be a pretty mundane item to have in your wardrobe, but with the sport-luxe trend in its second year, with still no signs of dying down (though Winter may eliminate it for a while), mix it up with some ripped bleached jeans, a pair of simple strappy heels or black pointy heels and it takes on a whole new look.

You can hide under a sweatshirt or you can make like a nonchalant street-styler, you can spend a little, you can spend a lot – whatever the case and whoever you are, its definitely worth having this 80’s basic in your wardrobe come Autumn.

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