photoDégradé, a frequently used trend word within the world of fash-wan is a word used to describe colours which blend into each other gradually, rather than colour blocked. You could also use  the word graduated but dégradé is the word to use if you want to look like flash Harry.

I went into H&M this week for a sheer white shirt. I left with a sheer cream shirt and this bag, which I found it impossible to walk away from. Sad but true. Thats the way the gluten-free cookie crumbles when you become an obsessive. The reason, actually no, the reasons I couldn’t leave this bag were because a) it was £19.99 b) I’ve been looking for a bag of this size, shape and structure for some time c) it reminds me of this bag, which tugs at my heart strings and d) it looks pricey and I already have a pricey bit of arm candy.

Strangely, I’ve just noticed also that this image I took of the bag looks like it has code stencilled into it. First one to tell me what it means wins a crumbly cookie.

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