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Anyone who personally knows me, knows how obsessed I’ve been with Pinterest . Before I wrote this blog, I had a design blog, and my Pinterest account was crammed full with all things papercut, torn, quirky and illustrated, mostly from American users. Now, my Pinterest page (my favourite being my Style page) is bursting at the seams with inspirational imagery from, yes, you guessed it, the fashion industry and what’s pretty cool is that Pinterest is now not just based in America (not that that’s a bad thing) its also just launched here in the UK too.

If you don’t already know, Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things you love. Visual things. Ideas, inspiration, pretty things, anything you want. Literally, ANYTHING.  Its like a scrapbook, a pinboard or a moodboard (its addictive, let me warn you). You can “pin” things from around the web onto boards you create, on any topic you like.

Pin It Forward UK 2013

You might be thinking ‘So once I”ve pinned my images, what then?’ Well, thats a good point. Because you might pin some images, and then completely forget to go back to your pinboard and wonder why you invested all that time. What’s so great about pins is that they’re not only visual so I can remember exactly why I got so excited about something in the first place, but pins also link back to the source, so I can get more details about the image (and hopefully why I pinned it in the first place, sieve head) by clicking on that pretty picture. Another hugely satisfying moment is when you go back to your pinboard and sit back and take it all in. Its 100% guaranteed you will be thinking to yourself ‘I like that. Ooh, I like that too. Oh, and that’ – that’s because you pinned it all. Its reflective of you and your taste and all that information is unique to you. Its like a little cross-section of your creative lobe.


I genuinely love Pinterest, because its another source of imagery to inspire me. I am always on a constant mission to find images to make me think differently about fashion and style and the images I find here I may not find elsewhere. Plus (and this is a big plus) I can follow people I respect, such as Charlie May of Girl A La Mode. Charlie is a designer in her own right and completely inspires me. Her style is unique, raw and minimal and she’s clearly a very talented designer. I was supposed to go to her Spring/Summer 13 collection during London Fashion Week last September and couldn’t make it last minute because of family woes and maladies. This was the only show I wanted to see – hopefully that says something about how much respect I have for Charlie’s work. See for yourself why here – I’m pretty certain you’ll know what I mean. And if you like, you can also follow my Style board here.

2 thoughts on “Get Inspired / Pin It Forward with Pinterest UK

  1. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Victoria! I love going back to my boards and looking through all the inspirational images that I’ve pinned too! You have amazing taste in style and I can’t stop looking through all the gorgeous clothes and accessories in your board- the slouchy sweater & cut off shorts is a perfect look for summer! Lauren, Community Coordinator

  2. Great post Victoria! It was so great to meet you at the party last month. Really love your style board.

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