Oh My Darlin’ Clementine







During last weekends spontaneous staycation in our smokin’ hot capital city that is London, I made a little detour on my way home into Cos shortly after breakfast. I awkwardly had to wait for the shop to open, since opening hours are a little more sleepy than in my own city. It was worth hanging on the street corner for though, because as I walked in, I zoned in and fell completely for this tangerine/clementine/fluoro orange mixed texture dress. It was lust at first sight. Slightly oversized and cocoon in shape, this dress is everything I want in an item of clothing. Its chic, sophisticated, it has long sleeves which is hard to find in a Summer dress and it mixes up fabrics and textures, so it has a slight sport-luxe feel to it. But the main selling point is this colour. I guess you’d call it orange, but its not an orange you often see on the high street. I knew I loved it when I picked it up off the rail, but it was only when I put it on with this leopard-print silk bomber jacket when I got home, that I knew why. I’m a major Stella McCartney-o-phile and frankly, this outfit is a wholeheartedly unintentional mirror image. I’ve day-dreamed, night-dreamed and head-in-the-clouds-imagined-myself-wearing Stella’s SS13 collection since September last year after her show in Paris so it makes complete sense as to why I was drawn to this dress in Cos last weekend. Despite its on-trend colour, Cos is known for being the perfect capsule wardrobe store, so I know for sure, that this dress will last for years without dating. Saying that, even if it did, I still think I’d be wearing it – its almost too good to take off. And I just realised they also do it in black. I feel another click-click-knock-at-the-door-thankyou-mr-postman-moment coming…

P.S I also got myself a two baby ink additions to my collection, one of which you can see on my wrist in the picture above. This little triangle, in its symbolic meaning, represents creativity and balance. I have a matching symbol on my other wrist, which is a small circle outline, representing karma.

I’m wearing Contrast Panel Dress from Cos ; Leopard Print Bomber from H&M ; Pewter Pumps by Boutique 9 from Shopbop. The sunshine I paid for by Paypal.

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