Tartan Van Noten



tartan_1Back in the nineties, when the entire population of 14 year old girls and boys were seduced by the 48 hour old smudged eyeliner and grease-chic blonde locks of Kurt Cobain, no one had any idea that nearly 20 years later, grunge would take a more polished angle, if you can call it that, and take control of twenty & thirty something ladies in whole different sense of seduction. Dries van Noten, the Belgian-Antwerpian has alot to answer for. Tartan never ever looked so good until it was lightened up and woven as a sheer fabric. I’ve never been a fan of tartan, not since I was dressed in it as a child, in one of those all in one skirts with a vest attached, and thus a jumper was applied as a secondary layer. Seeing it as a floaty translucent fabric turns it into something feminine, grown-up and ethereal, as Evangelie of Style Heroine demonstrates here in a much more graceful, beautiful and professional sense than I.

Everything I’m wearing here is listed in the previous post.

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