These trousers proved to be pretty popular this week over on Instagram (@frillsandfeathers – come and play, its fun!). I shared them on this visual sharing hotspot after I bought them for my new job at Topshop, which I started this week and yes, of course they came from le Topshop. They’re called a ‘formal jogger’ and I couldn’t agree more frankly. They’re super-comfortable and the formal aspect comes from them being made of 100% Viscose. I’d like to say cotton but hey, they gotta keep their costs down, right? These ain’t no Celine pants (I hope you’re reading this in a deep Southern American accent, because thats how its intended). These trousers are pretty perfect and I’m going to put it right out there now and invest in more. They also do a pair covered with small illustrated elephants and a faux-silk pair, which are the ones for me. Black? Check. Slouchy? Check. Affordable? Check. Chic? Check. I’d be an A-Star student if I was at school with this kind of checklist.
I’m wearing Formal Jogger (Safari Trend) from Topshop ; Shoes by Ash from Vestiare ; Tuxedo Blazer from Miss Selfridge ; Earrings from H&M

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