rb_shoes_4This coat, I bought back in January, is a Winter coat but it would seem that it is not only a winter coat, but the perfect trans-seasonal piece. I’m pretty sure though, that even if this coat was in black, I’d still be wearing it now (partly due to necessity since our Spring is turning out to be more like an extended Winter yet again). The freshness of this stressful colour (I’m sure theres a rhyme in there somewhere but frankly I have had a long day, and may have lost a few brain cells along the way somewhere therefore have lost the capability of presenting any form of intelligence I may have) is obviously what helps this coat cross the seasonal paths, and actually, I would consider it to be more Spring than Winter, but I was drawn to it for exactly this reason – for the unexpected, cuz thats just how I roll, bro.

I’m wearing a T-Shirt from TRF by Zara ; Cheap Monday Skinny Jeans ; Moxham Cuff ; Necklace was thrifted ; Gold rings from ASOS ; Shoes from Russell & Bromley ; Coat by Zara.

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