According to the latest edition of le Bible (Vogue Magazine), the French Manicure has been wrecked, ruined and violated by us Brits. To be frank, I’m of the same opinion. That’s not to say all of us are responsible. I, for one, will not take any blame or responsibility for acrylic TOWIE nails, airbrushing or Shellac-ing the heck out of the sophisticated French artistry that is the classic groomed finishing touch to any look. I understand and appreciate that having someone apply something semi-permanent is both time-saving and more hardwearing, however, the secret of the nonchalent Parisienne is all about being naturale which means looking like you didn’t try at all and we try too hard. So, lets take a step back, strip back the layers and start again. A base coat (to protect your nails), a couple of layers of a delicate pink or white colour and a hardwearing top coat. Et voila, haute simple. Ladies, switch off TOWIE and lets reconvene when we’ve all come to our totes amazeballs senses.


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