A classic kind of day.







trench_1With my new job starting soon, I’ve been training this week so facing decisions about dressing I’ve not had to think about for a while – what to wear for work. It’s been three years since I worked and back then, I worked in an office. I won’t be working in an office on a daily basis anymore and will be able to wear an outfit of my choice (and entirely Topshop of course) which I’ve yet to decide on. Until then, I’m loving these new shoes I bought from Zara over the weekend. As you can see from the excessive amount of photos I’ve posted, they’re my new favourite shoes (along with my new favourite Massimo Dutti bag and no, its Topshop I work for, in case you think I now work for Inditex). I wasn’t intending on looking so capsule-wardrobe this morning, but when I couldn’t find a suitable jacket to wear which didn’t make me look too smart, this trench coat was a last minute decision, making this outfit very, well, grown up I suppose. If I could change anything about this look, it would be the skirt – I’d prefer an A-Line Chloe-esque version like this one or this one is pretty perfect, probably a little distressed, making this outfit look a little younger and less 1970’s mum.

I’m wearing a trench coat from Banana Republic, Shirt (similar here) and Sandals from Zara, Bag from Massimo Dutti, Rings from ASOS, Bracelet from H&M and Necklace from Azendi.

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