Last year, two pieces I bought which I’m pretty happy to be wearing again are these sandals and this skirt. I hunted everywhere for a pair of cuffed sandals, after seeing a pair at All Saint, which would have taken me until this summer to save up for. I’m a secret-eBay-lover and found these Dune Suede Sandals somewhere within the auction-abyss in perfect condition. They look good over a pair of skinny jeans, but the best way to wear them is bare-legged. The skirt, from our reliable BFF H&M is not available anymore, however I did see trousers last week in the same fabric, which is stiff, so it maintains its flattering shape (perfect for people with a similar shape to me). These pictures were taken in Henley-On-Thames yesterday, which was the perfect outing to take this new bag I bought from Massimo Dutti out for a spin. I’m pretty sure it would fit an entire array of sinks from different rooms of the house, not just the kitchen one.

I’m wearing a t-shirt from ASOS, skirt from H&M, sandals by Dune via eBay, leather tote bag from Massimo Dutti, earrings from Sushilla, cheesy grin created from beer and sunshine.

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