Primal Instinct




You may ask what primal instinct has to do with a leopard print bomber, and you would be right to ask this question. Allow me to explain. Whilst perusing the racks of H&M yesterday for a cheap thrill, I was drawn by my own primal instinct to this jacket, not only because I knew that it was to come home with me as my new SFF (sartorial friend forever…yes, I did just shoot from the hip with that one) but it was made so much more attractive when, at the till, the sales assistant informed me it was £7. I almost guffawed/choked/snorted (choose your own verb here please) for obvious reasons and practically did a Usain Bolt before hot-stepping my way out of the shop to skip down the high-street in celebration of my momentous bargain. Paired up with these new Cheap Monday high-waisted jeans and ASOS boyfriend t-shirt knotted at the waist, I knew my primal instinct was in full-working order.

I’m wearing an H&M Leopard Print Bomber (try your local H&M or similar here), high waisted Cheap Monday jeans from here, shoes by Ash from Vestiare, t-shirt and rings (these are nice too) from ASOS, Commes Des Garcons Clutch from Net-A-Porter.

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