The Perfect Prop






Allow me to introduce you to our latest member of our family that, like Margaret Zhang and her Valentino Studded Flats, I did not have to carry for an arduous 9 months – a 1982 Chevvy truck, which just appeared (as many of our cars do) on our drive only last week. Rad is the only word which springs to mind to appropriately describe my reaction when I received a text from my husband which said ‘look outside’. Coincidentally, I also received a text from him last night whilst I was out at a Pinterest event, asking if I remember ‘The Fall Guy’ to which I responded yo dude, do you still not know how old I am? (he’s a few years older than myself I’ll happily admit) Apparently, our new/old truck was the motor of choice for said 1980’s TV series. Anyway, enough about automobile history, lets talk about how perfect this set of wheels is as a prop. Pretty hardcore, I’d say, and it made complete sense to have this latest post featuring the coolest prop of them all.

Here’s another tenous link to the the theme of this post. I have a new job. Starting in two weeks, I’ll be working for Topshop and I’m like a kid on their way to Disneyland. During part one of the interview, we had to pick a piece of clothing from the current collection and well, basically, sell it. I picked a pair of black suede pointy pumps, however someone else chose a double layer jersey tube skirt. She sold it so well, I went and bought one yesterday (full price, before you ask) in black and love it so much, a grey one is also on its way from the online store. Its definitely a piece of clothing which can be worn with almost everything in your wardrobe, and thats no exaggeration. Today, I’m clearly channelling some kind of 90’s-skater-girl look and frankly, its doing it for me.

On that note, I’ll say see ya later boi.

I’m wearing an old plaid shirt, an H&M grey marl t-shirt, Double Layer Tube Skirt from Topshop, Bracelet from H&M The New Icons Collection, Commes Des Garcons Clutch from Net-A-Porter, Shoes by Dunlop, Glasses by a cheap rubbish rip-off merchant.

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