Black Accessories // Part Two.


I can’t help myself lately. When it comes to black, I’m a sucker. Proof of said sucker-ness ; photographic evidence of my latest collection I’ve curated over the last few weeks. First, lets discuss these shoes. I found these beauties on the Vestiare site. I’d describe Vestiare as fash-packed heaven – preloved designer clothes available at realistic prices. These Ash shoes I bought have been worn, but you would never know it. They still had the label on the bottom. Ash shoes generally start at around £150, so at £115, including delivery and quality control, these shoes were a steal. I had a hard time choosing a pair of shoes, by the way, the choices at Vestiare are immense. Check them out for yourself here. (And stay posted for an upcoming outfit wearing these hot babies).

This belt from H&M, which is sweetly scented with design influences of Balmain, I need to buy two of. This belt, although not leather, goes with everything and I know I’ll wear it out. At £8, I think it would be madness not to buy a second.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@frillsandfeathers), you may have seen the excited photo I posted over the weekend when I received my latest bag purchase, which is something I’ve been after for a long while – a Commes Des Garconnes clutch bag is a wardrobe essential. Each season, they produce a slightly different design, but they also have their staple classic collection. I was almost beside myself over the geometric embossed print within the leather. It’s timeless.


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