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I’ve got to the point now where I’ve stopped buying cheaper beauty products from the high street, which are so easy to pick up in Boots or a local chemist, and now I do my best to buy better quality and mostly that comes online (because of where I live). Don’t get me wrong, a little splurge in our favourite pharmacy does still feel good, but like fast fashion, this is generally for necessities or a high-trend nail colour.

However, after saying this, I was in Marks & Spencer last week, buying underwear, and right by the lingerie department was the beauty department. A sucker for a brand, my eye zoned in suddenly on Nuxe & Ren next to the M&S brand range of facial products. After smelling and rubbing creams all over my hands, I decided, without hesitation that Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute Enriche was to be my next facial moisturiser. The scent is like jasmine and lillies, my all time favourite flowers and after using it for a few days, I am so glad I made this purchase. My skin, genuinely, (this is not a sponsored post!) is so smooth, the tone has improved and I smell amazing, even if I do say so myself. I bought the tube, rather than the more expensive pot, because I hadn’t used this cream before, but I most definitely will be buying the larger version next time. I’m yet to treat myself to Creme De La Mer. I would love to but parting with that amount of money is still something which slightly fills me with fear. I just checked the products online too, and they have 20% off all Nuxe products this weekend – click here to visit and splurge.

The other products I am totally impressed by are my new Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner which I bought here. I’ve been using Kerastase for a while, which I still find leaves my hair feeling super fresh, however I fancied trying something new. After a little looking through the InStyle Beauty Awards for 2013, I came across Pureology as a new favourite for their latest curated collection. I have coloured hair so it does suffer a little, especially if I use high street products during desperate times, and after using these latest products, my hair is as soft as a fresh hatchling and as shiny as a grand piano. Its been a while since a product has made my hair feel like this, especially after being coloured, so, I am urging you to try the same products if you too suffer the same downsides of vanity.

Now, where’s my credit card for that 20% off at M&S…..

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