The Camel Coat Crush



I blame Anna for my latest coat crush. Ever since reading about her Aquascutum camel coat, in the back of my mind, I’ve known that someday soon, I’d have to add one to my crazy collection of outerwear. And last weekend, I did just that. I was looking for an oversized, luxurious dressing-gown style coat, with long lapels and a belt which I can swaddle myself in – it would more than likely be the most practical piece of clothing I own.  And I’m still keeping my eyes open for one, however, when I saw this vintage cashmere coat in a little local clothes store called Gone Retro for £20, I was easily sold. Wouldn’t you be too?

I’m wearing a striped long sleeve t-shirt from H&M ; Wet-Look leggings from Topshop ; Boots from Office, Coat from Gone Retro & a bag from Chanel.

One thought on “The Camel Coat Crush

  1. Hi there! Love this look and your coat was a great bargain! Have just dug out my wet look leggings and plan to style them up, thanks for the inspiration!

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