What I wore in Paris.





I realise I didn’t share what I wore in Paris on the day I was taking photos of everyone else, so here it is. My dressing was totally inappropriate for the weather – it was probably about two degrees however I am British and true to my heritage, I wore what I wanted to wear. As us Brits know, our weather is pretty shocking most of the time, and I see no point having beautiful clothes you can’t wear, so I challenge you to challenge me with this question : if you can’t wear your precious Choos in the winter, since we’re lacking in Spring and Summer, then when can you wear them? Some people saw my outfit as sheer madness, but I see it as dedication to a passion. Tights with this skirt would look simply ludicrous and I’m not one for odd flesh coloured tights, with net covered toes peeking out. Plus, though at times I was a little chilly, most of the time, the adrenalin allowed me to not feel a thing. Oh, and this ring? I picked it up whilst shopping in Paris – I don’t really go for fun fashion, I’m a serious kind of dresser, don’t you know, however this little chappy caught the eye and shortly afterwards, the camera of Mr Bill Cunningham, and if he likes it, then who am I to argue?

I wore a coat from Zara, Skirt by Carven bought in Doyles, Shirt from Zara, Shoes from Jimmy Choo, Bag by Chanel, Cuff from Moxham

3 thoughts on “What I wore in Paris.

  1. You have such a strong style.
    Shoes are so fab – I was hoping (doubtfully) they weren’t expensive, but sadly as they are Jimmy Choo I wont be able to copy 😦

    CE x


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