The Future of Magazines


A couple of weeks ago, I managed to get hold of a copy of O Magazine, which is a supplement written and produced by Tank Magazine and, their online counterpart. Unfortunately, the copy I was hoping to get originally was not within my copy of the Saturday Guardian, which is the only reason I bought the paper (because I don’t normally buy a newspaper) and frankly, I was annoyed. I tweeted the Guardian, asked a friend if she knew of anyone who worked there so they might be able to get me a copy, but decided I should probably get in touch with Tank Magazine directly for a copy. A few days passed and then I received a copy in the mail, to me, at my address. I still, to this day, don’t know who sent me the magazine, since I hadn’t passed on my address to anyone, however I am most grateful for being considered – thank you anonymous mailer! So, why was I so desperate to get hold of a copy of this Saturday supplement? Well, let me explain….


This supplement is not just a magazine. It is supported with deeper, richer content than simply textual content. It is full to bursting of videos of interviews with designers, buyers, tailors, people within the fashion industry produced by Tank Magazine and The magazine, on the front cover, claims to have ‘Over 100 Moving Parts’ which it really does. I get so excited by the concept behind this magazine, its shameful (I’m a big technical goofy geek – mix that up with fashion and I’m drunk on aesthetics). My first ever copy of this magazine was received during London Fashion Week S/S13 last September. I was on the train home from London with my fat newspaper at hand, ready to scan with the specially designed app to view the content, and the couple sat across from me picked up a copy of the same magazine, looking at each other questioningly, after asking the other one ‘What’s this?’ Before either of them could answer, I rudely interrupted with ‘Its this amazing new magazine with video content. You can access it using an app that you download at the App Store!’ without barely stopping to breathe, clearly looking like a 10 year old trapped in a grown-ups body. They both looked at me as if I had fallen from the moon, looked back at their magazine, then carried on reading. I felt like a complete wally, however I realised how taken I was with the promises behind what, on the surface, looked like a Saturday supplement, and at the mega-potential behind such a concept. It bridges the gap in the arguement between book-or-Kindle (for me it would always be a book) because its both. Its paper to read, images to drool over and deeper, richer visual content offering a look into another world. It’s also just struck me that the reason I don’t buy newspapers is because I never believe what I read. With this supplement, although its not a newspaper, the facts are there right in front of you. Alright, yes you can edit a video, in the same way you can edit a story for a paper, but only so much. And its not just content produced by Tank & Because London – its also content generated by brands such as Chanel, Prada, Miu Miu and other luxury brands. By scanning their adverts, You can be linked to their websites, or an animated version of an advertorial or even better, a mini-film, produced by the brand which you may never see if you hadn’t bought the magazine.

Another thing which struck me from the very first moment was the quality of the productions within this magazine. The music is beautifully and thoughtfully chosen for the individual films, they always have a very fresh and clean ‘finish’ and they are short and sweet and straight to the point, just enough to tickle your sartorial tastebuds so as not to not feel teased, yet just enough to keep you going throughout the magazine. I’m guessing this is exactly what their intention was over at Tank & Because London and really, I know I’m gushing now, but it truly is the best thing since sliced bread. Though don’t trust me, see for yourself in the next edition which I’m guessing will be publishing around September later this year. For an animated look at their latest copy, click here (and be ready to Shazam the music because its always awesome!)


Download the free ‘Fashion Scan’ app at the iTunes App Store or Google Play App Store.


Open the app and press the icon to begin. When you see a moving red target, hold the screen of your phone over the page….


…and voila! Your super-beautiful animated video content will begin, and you’ve entered a secret world from which you’ll never want to leave.



And its not just fashion content, its music, beauty, trends…all you can want from a bi-annual Saturday supplement with The Guardian.

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