Streetstyle Parisienne



Last weekend, my husband and I escaped to Paris on the Eurostar (which never fails to amaze me) for a very rare and necessary weekend away…it just so happened that it was within the midst of the frenzy of Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013. I know! What are the chances of that…..(even my husband didn’t fall for the airhead-act this time around). So yes, it was a weekend away for us, with a little fashion-action for me and a little circus-action for him. Paris is always beautiful, no matter how many times I visit….and its vast, and fast-paced and sociable. Its all the things I crave to live within, probably not in this life I imagine, though never say never.


We stayed near the Metro underground station of Vavin, which is just slightly out of the people-spotting-quarters otherwise known as Saint-Germain-Des-Pres, though some may argue its Montparnasse, rather than Saint Germain, but who am I to argue. We ate, drank, walked, talked, giggled like 10 year olds in deadly-quiet bookshops at the nudey books and amongst other tourist-activities, such as visiting our friend Mona at the Louvre, we went along to Les Tuileries, to see what sights were to behold outside the Viktor & Rolf show within the gardens. There was the usual I-take-a-picture-of-you-then-you-take-a-picture-of-me situation, along with I’m-a-top-class-diva-not-going-to-look-at-you-but-know-you’re-taking-my-photo scenario. It really is a curious thing to witness and I urge to you stop by and watch if ever you’re around any kind of fashion show during fashion month. Amongst the oddities, you do get the odd handful of people not just doing this for a laugh, but doing it because its their job and their passion and for me, I think those people stand out more than the peacocks, as our friend Suzy famously nicknamed the colourful ones.


My camera doesn’t have the best zoom on it, however it still does a good job, despite me having to get within an inch of my target subject, needlessly and clumsily trying not to tread on their Givenchy heels. The bottom line with the streetstyle photos that I took in Paris is that I love being part of the action, feeling the adrenaline of getting a good picture, which is even more rewarding when you get back to download and edit the photos to find that it wasn’t such a bad shot. I’m not claiming to be a good photographer, because I’m not – I was in the right place at the right time and I captured the images I wanted to capture – people, in an industry I adore, in the moment. Not posed, but real, of real people doing real things.


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