These are not for running.

These are not for running.

1. Nike Chukka Go Wolf Grey / 2. Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 / 3. Nike Pre Montreal racer / 4. Nike Free Run 2 / 5. Adidas Basket Profi Hi (All available from Office)

When you don’t really wear trainers so much, if you do decide that you’d like to start, finding the perfect pair is rather troublesome. First off, you need nice ankles. Narrow ones that shape up nicely into slender calves and I’m not sure I would qualify. I don’t really like to ask the opinion of others, because if I love something, I wear it. The moment you ask the opinion of a friend, you may be in for a debate and someone may talk you out of a purchase. However, it may prevent you from looking like a complete moron.

I can always find a requirement in my wardrobe for another pair of shoes . My Converse Ox Lights are perfect for the summer, my Jemima Vine Snakeskin Slippers are perfect for spring with jeans, those Zara Moccasins I’ve had my eye on are perfect for…um….that smart pair of black ankle-skimming trousers I have….you see where I’m going with this? So, I’m lacking a pair of shoes for literally running around in a non-athletic kind of way. I have running shoes which nearly meant we had to re-mortgage our children due to their crazy price, but I can’t wear those with my jeans because frankly I’d look like an off-duty Geography teacher (sorry, Geography academics (you never know, they might be reading), but you know I’m right).

These five pairs are in the running for being purchased (see what I did there) but I’m swaying towards the shoe version, rather than the hi-top for ankle reasons explained earlier. Still, I really do love them all.

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