Latest Favourite Skin Product



I’m about ten years late on this one, but I’ve recently started using Bio Oil for the first time and I can honestly say that my skin has improved over the last week since using it twice a day, as it recommends. My skin is slightly more oily than it used to be, its not in bad condition but I have a few blemishes which I would prefer to be without and I much prefer using oils to creams. Prior to this, I was using Organic Rosehip Oil by Trilogy, which I would also recommend but, so far, I prefer Bio Oil. The instructions say that scars, which it what it was originally marketed for, will fade as long as this product is used twice daily for a minimum of two months. My blemishes haven’t gone, of course, because I’ve only been using this for a week but I noticed my skin is more hydrated, I don’t need as much foundation, it smells good, its not over-oily so that it sits on your skin, it sinks in nicely. I don’t want to call this a wonder product yet, but I’m very impressed with it so far (and disappointed I’ve not used it until now). Oh, and this bottle, I found for £8 in a grocery shop – it looks like its going to last a while which means I can hold back on the Creme De La Mer for now.

(This is not a sponsored post – wink wink)

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