And they burn like fire.





Today, my feet feel like I’ve been walking across hot coals. Truth is, I spent too long in the same pair of boots for the entire day, walking across the cobbles of Somerset House during day one of London Fashion Week. Making my way home, with a tonne of clothing to be styled and played around with, by the time I made it home in front of the wood burner, my feet had literally nearly fallen off (and so had my arms and hands).  So, I thought I’d try out these leather Red Carpet Paris cushioned inner soles for a second day in London where heels were essential for someone who is a mere 5′ 3″ in bare feet.

These luxurious inner soles, which are made in France, claim to ‘to ease the pain where it hurts the most’ on the balls of your feet. Be warned though, they’re inner soles, which means they’re only suitable for shoes which are slightly too big for you. Saying that, I tried them in a pair of leopard print heels which fit me fine and they were snug but not too tight, though in the shoes pictured above, the soles made the shoes too small. They’re removable, not glued, so fully transferable to other pairs of shoes. I think these would work really well in a pair of winter boots, and also in flats, which I’ve yet to try. Being crafted of leather means they’re durable and will remain more odorless than a fabric innersole. And if you’re lucky enough to own a pair of Louboutin shoes, you’d have beautiful matching soles to your trademark bright red underside. What’s not to love? For me, if it means I can get another days wear out of a pair of heels, then these are a necessity.

To buy your own pair, click here to visit Red Carpet Paris.

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