For the love of denim.

Devilish Dungaree

Dungarees – River Island / LnA Leight White Blouse from Donna Aida / La Perla Donna Eleonora lace soft-cup bra
/ Bertina VIII Off-White Calf Boots from Senso /  Crystal Cross Necklace from Luv AJMock Croc Backpack from Topshop

I’ve been thinking about dungarees for a long while now (as you’ll know if you follow my visual stream of consciousness on Instagram), on and off, but never so much as I have lately. Am I too old? Are my legs too….untoned? To be honest, who cares about those things. If you love them, wear them. And I love them, so I’m going to wear some. Well, at least try some on and see how I feel. They need to be beaten up though, mind you. Perfect, new looking dungarees aren’t the look I’m interested in. I want full on beaten up, slightly yellowed soft denim. And they need to be baggy. They need to look like your boyfriend is a farmer/rodeo/ranch owner has just dropped them on the bedroom floor after wearing them mindlessly and carelessly for the last 10 years. A collared shirt would look too proper, so a grandad/collarless cotton/cheesecloth/long sleeve t-shirt is the one, unless that’s the look you want. These Senso boots are another of my latest obsession, and I can thank fellow Ozzie bloggers for these beauties, though I do believe they’re being sold on Net-A-Porter now. And now, some imagery to support my case…enjoy.




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