Coat #76







You know by now the obsession I have with with coats. I have many. And no matter how many I have, I always find another reason for a new addition. I may need help soon. Last week, I bought three coats. I only meant to order one, from Zara, in the sale. But when it arrived, it wasn’t what I was expecting. In fact, it made me look like a Teddy-Boy, like the kind from Hi-De-Hi (I’m 34, there are bound to be some dodgy TV references which crop up and show my age). So, instead of returning by courier, I took it back to the shop. On returning it to the shop (with the worst staff I’ve met bar one lady who likes my little boy), on my way out, I spotted a fluffy cream Celine-esque coat which I absolutely knew was perfect for me. I was in a massive hurry, and couldn’t stop to buy it, so swore I would come in the following morning to hunt it down. In the meantime, I’d spotted a black fluffy coat, in a faux-shearling on ASOS which I’d also fallen instantly for. I tried to buy it on my iPhone, but it wouldn’t let me because it said it was out of stock. So, I tried on the laptop, and managed to order it. Phew. Am I going on a bit? I feel like it. Saturday morning, I legged it back to my local Zara and the coat WAS NOT THERE. I literally put my hands on my head in the middle of the shop and looked up, praying to the God of Outerwear, that the coat be somewhere in this shop. I asked and the semi-helpful staff member told me all the coats were over there. I looked. It wasn’t there. I hunted about, like a Sartorial snifferdog, and my prayers were answered. There it was. One left. And it was stained. With a huff and a puff, I went over to the till, where another staff member pretty much rolled her eyes at me, in disbelief that I wanted to make a purchase. I mean, how dare I inconvenience this poor 20-something lady with a sale. Beats me. Ok. Let’s get this story over with. I got home. I got the stain out. I kept the coat. The black fluffy one was waiting for me when I got home. I’m keeping that too. Phew-wee. And here is said coat. It’s the prettiest coat I ever did own. Special thanks go to the God of Outerwear.

(Note : No staff members of Zara were hurt in the writing of this post)

I’m wearing a wool coat from Zara, a white shirt from Gap, earrings from H&M, waxed black jeans from Zara, Boots from Office and clutch from Zara (all Zara purchases except the coat were made online so as not to face any human contact with their miserable shop staff)

P.S. This post is NOT sponsored by Zara, this was a totally unplanned bad coincidence.

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