Form over function.





I spotted these boots on the Kurt Geiger online store last week by complete chance. As it goes, I have an achilles-heel type weakness for animal print. Its been a longstanding affair and I can’t see it ever subsiding. So, I humoured my shortcoming by clicking the little ‘buy’ button on said online shoe store. However, let me just explain something. These boots were originally £195. I bought them for £49. There was no stopping me in my endeavour for yet another pair of shoes in the space of a week, not at this obscene reduction. When these beauties arrived, of course, I drop everything I’m doing, and put them on. Well. I try to put them on. I push. I pull. I squirm. I wriggle. I will get these boots on. And I did. But not before almost dislocating a finger, a thumb and an ankle. Man, these boots are so hard to get on. Its like Krypton Factor for fashion addicts. So, I walked around my bedroom, looked at them in the mirror. Pulled my jeans over them, tucking them in, falling completely for these ridiculously impossible boots, considering what to do with them. Do I keep them? Should I just try and return them, explaining the scenario? Let’s move on. I thought I’d put them back in the box and procrastinate a little. But I couldn’t get them off. The heel is so thin and covered in pony hair, I couldn’t grip it. There’s no tab at the back to pull. I had no choice but to pull the elastic wide to get them off, worrying I was going to pucker the elastic and they would become mis-shapen. That didn’t happen. Clearly, the reason these boots were such a good price is for the sartorial-struggle I encountered. So what now? If these boots were £195, I wouldn’t even consider buying them for the reason of such difficulties. But for this price, the wriggling is worth it. And I do really, really love them. I think it best that the next thing I buy is a shoe horn.

If you too fancy a little form over function, you can buy these boots hereicon.

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