Stomp My Boots Before I Go Back In





I came across these boots last week in Office and had that instant electrifying, grown-up-in-a-cocktail-bar feeling when I know a purchase is imminent and sleep will be lost until said purchase is nestled in your wardrobe. That feeling deserves to be bottled. I rarely buy an item of clothing I don’t get that feeling about because if you don’t fall head over heels in lust when you’re searching for something, what’s the point in buying it. Thats a good motto to follow for most purchases I’d say. I’ve loved the Chloe Susanna boots for a while, but then I saw them everywhere, which for me,  makes the perfect antidote for investing in a distinct trend. I also love these Tabitha Simmons boots but they’re not in my budget right now. These boots fit the bill perfectly. I love the toe shape, I love the buckles, I love the fact you have to undo the buckles to put them on, there’s no cheating with a zip (I dislike clothes which try to be something they’re not ie a shirt collar sewn into a sweater). I love the cut-out section from the heel (it reminds me of these Haider Ackermann boots I adore, especially on Christine Centenara) and I love the metal detail on the front of the shoe. In fact, I think they’re pretty perfect and will look even more amazing with a tanned pair of legs in August.

These Office Frontier Boots are available to buy here.

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