Trend Report // SS13

Fashion month occurs six months before the collections being shown become available to the general public. Generally. Unless, of course, you work in fashion. And when the collections are shown, its a touch too early to start thinking about what you’re going to wear in six months time (however, that doesn’t stop little thoughts popping into my head every now and again). As if by magic, today the Net-A-Porter look book dropped onto my door mat, so what better day to post this trend report I’ve been mulling over for the last week. Let’s start with black….balck_ss13

Left to right : Lanvin / Celine / Akris & Akris

Yep, black is back for sure. An odd colour for Spring/Summer, however with our ever-changing seasons, it seems like an appropriate choice. More importantly, it’s a wearable colour. All year-round. Which is of paramount importance when investing in key capsule wardrobe pieces.



Left to right : Balenciaga / Akris / Victoria Beckham / Akris

Suits. The structured power-suit is out, people. The sharp yet slouchy suit is in. And holy cow, its so hot, it nearly makes my face melt off. Brights, colour blocking and tonal colour-matching. For those with a set of abs worth showing off, follow Balengiaga’s lead with a cropped bra-top underneath a double-breasted blazer for the ultimate summer tailoring.



Left to right : Lanvin / Stella McCartney / Akris / Sportmax

Slouchy, slightly amorphous shapes are my new vernacular. Worn with a fitted counterpart to remain feminine so as to to avoid looking like you’re trying to hide a bus under your pullover, they offer fluidity with an elegant ease which epitomises haute-insouciance which, of course, is a sartorial oxymoron.




Left to right : Jil Sander / Sportmax / Celine / Emilio Pucci

White provides the perfect backdrop for freshly tanned high-in-vit-D skin, however is not always easy to wear. For those with an adventurous attitude to dressing, a clean and pared down aesthetic provides a crisp silhouette which equates to style and confidence worth noting. For those with a slightly more conservative approach to an entire white wash, a white shirt is classic, yet sometimes safe, whereas a white skirt or floaty sheer trousers may just cut the mustard.



Left to right : DKNY / Dion Lee / Richard Nicoll / Lanvin

Another revealing aspect of Spring/Summer fashion, but people, what better reason to start exercising now, so you can whip your thigh out in the slit-up-the-skirt trend. I for one fancy this example of sybaritic tailoring. With sleeves kept long, with a crew neck, this is a look that can be worn in the daytime, making it wearable and perhaps making this a new modern classic for the solid wardrobe-staple that is the skirt. What’s better, it can be applied to any skirt shape, whether it be maxi, A-line or pencil. Clever eh?

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