Mens Fashion Week A/W 2013 x Androgyny









Images via Le 21eme & The Sartorialist

Earlier in the week, I caught sight of an image of two Japanese men, the second image down, (well, I’m guessing they are…I apologise if my geographical physical identification is incorrect) and actually stopped for a minute to take in how painfully stylish they looked. I looked at the image. Then went back to it. Then went back to it again. I thought about it a little. I mentally deconstructed what they were wearing (no, this isn’t a euphemism) and then decided that whilst I drone on about my love for androgynous dressing, that it might be useful to back up my theory by sharing this selection of images from two of the best photographic websites I know of, Le 21eme and The Sartorialist. Most of these images were taking in Milan and Florence, apart from the dude with the badges icing the lapel of his jacket on the subway, which was taken in New York. Pitti Uomo is arguably one of the best mens fashion weeks of the year, held in Florence for the second week of January. Italian men dress impeccably. I would go as far to say they are some of the best dressed men in the world. Its in their heritage, its their culture, so therefore there’s no over-thinking. Dressing well for them is a natural process. Of course, I’m not discounting well-dressed men from other cities, because I know there are many well dressed men elsewhere. Going back to the Japanese men, they’re the epitomy of the well-dressed man who didn’t over do it. Their scarves are loosely and casually tied, the added practical overcoat streamlines their sharp suiting underneath. They just do it really well and this kind of dressing translates perfectly for the girls. Drape an overcoat over the shoulders, add strappy shoes, a soft metallic clutch bag and a few rings, and you’re ready to join the kings of the sartorial streets of Florence.

And the first dude in the black oversized-Balenciaga-esque jumper? He’s way too cool, even for school…..


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