Image via Stockholm Streetstyle

I have a constant battle with myself these days over my style. I know its right to wear what I want, but some days I try to wear something I wouldn’t usually wear. Its hard to know if I get it right. Am I too old? I look ok in the mirror but I look totally different through the lens. Annoying.  Looking at these questions as an outsider, I’d answer don’t be so absurd. You wear what you want to wear and be proud of it. But objectivity is easier said than done. Two things are important in this small debacle – confidence and comfort. Before writing my blog, I would read magazines, and I would browse the internet. But the amount was not even a drop in the ocean compared to how much of those things I do now, which is where the root of this battle lies. When faced with so much choice and inspiration and who’s wearing what and when, confusion goes into overdrive. This all needs stripping back and reassessing. What do I love? What suits me? Does it really suit me? Do I really care? What I wear and what I love to see other people wearing are two completely different things, and I’d like that to change. This involves making a list of pieces to invest in, which is what I have already started to do. I have capsule pieces, but I need more. My capsule wardrobe is incomplete and thats a void I need to fill. I need 5 white t-shirts, 5 grey t-shirts, 5 pairs of jeans which fit perfectly. These things take time to build up, and as frustrating as that is, c’est la vie. These things can’t and shouldn’t happen overnight because consideration is essential. I have many patterned pieces of clothing, some which I love, some which I need to purge. I’m obscenely in love with colour blocking in monochrome at the moment, I drive myself potty because I don’t have enough pieces in monochrome to achieve this in the way I would like to. Forgive my innate and rambling stream of consciousness. I realise this is pretty mundane and unimportant in comparison with current affairs but this is a fashion blog after all. Anything more than superficial whinings about black and white t-shirts would send me cross eyed.


Image via Stockholm Streetstyle


Image via vanillascented (one of my all time favourite blogs)


Image via Harper & Harley (another of my favourite sources of inspiration)



Images via Tommy Ton on


Still my most favourite editorial from British Vogue from 2012.


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