Life in monochrome.













I was tempted to give this post the title of  ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ but I couldn’t allow myself to make this scandalous slip up, though how fitting it would have been. I am seriously obsessed with grey and white at the moment. I think its related to starting the new year through fresh eyes, these are almost the colours I would normally wear in April. There’s something very natural and hopeful about wearing white as soon as Spring starts to appear, but there’s no need to wait until then. Why wait. And although I’m liking black again, I’d prefer not to wear it in the dreary days of December. Grey on the other hand is different. A grey sky is uninspiring, grey hair is something alot of people don’t really want, yet a grey marl sweatshirt, grey tweed or grey snakeskin is a totally different kind of grey. Its more desirable, laid back, easy to wear yet still remains stylish. I picked up this coat yesterday from a charity shop, one of the best places to find little surprises like this one. I knew instantly I had to have it, for its collar, its oversized style, the heavy wool herringbone grey and white tweed and perhaps the little fact that it was £10 may have swung it. One little tip….make sure your whites are as white as Ross from Friends’ freshly whitened teeth….grey which was white in a former life is another undesirable.

I’m wearing jeans from Gap, Sweatshirt from eBay, Edie Snakeskin slippers by Jemima Vine, Coat from a local charity shop, bag from Chanel. Nail colour is Battleship Grey by Models Own.

3 thoughts on “Life in monochrome.

  1. Hi, I love your blog and the coat looks to be a really good find. Apologies if this comes across as a little rude, but can I ask what type of chanel bag is shown in your pics – which is gorgeous – and how much it cost ( I understand if you do not want to answer this question).

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