Today I’m Loving…Kzeniya London Handbags




Back in November, I attended the My Wardrobe Press Day for Spring/Summer 2013. Amongst racks and rack of amazing clothing we’re now starting to see appear, were these little gems. I was immediately drawn to these shoulder bags by Kzeniya, who was, by chance, stood beside her striking bags so I also had the privilege of meeting the lady behind these luxe constructions. Made of leather and perspex, these structured, futuristically graphic boxy bags are unique in their style, their intricate laser cut silhouettes and the hardware features which finish the bags off so perfectly. After looking into Kzeniya’s other range of clutch bags, I also came across her holographic clutch, which instantly made my ticky-ticker beat a little faster and from what I’ve seen so far, we’re all going to be seeing alot more of the holographic trend, which seems to have been adopted by a handful of designers….I’m not yet sure it’ll be a capsule wardrobe staple, however a little holographic accessorizing never hurt anyone, or killed the radio star.

Kzeniya London is coming soon to My Wardrobe, so keep posted. The slave that I am to all things leather and lets face it, anything wearable, I certainly will be. I’m a massive fan already.

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