Sport-Luxe For S/S 13


CandiceElle8 CandiceElle9




Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

The pared-down aesthetic of the sport luxe trend of last summer, pretty much adopted by designers of every predilection amidst the Olympic summer of 2012, is showing no signs of losing pace. If anything, its gaining momentum, with S/S 13 trends beginning to filter into the sartorial slipstream already (not to mention Pre-Fall 2013 collections which is a little too far ahead for me). Sport luxe, emerged from Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and Hermes to a certain extent, embraces technological textiles such as neoprene, mesh and aertex cleverly crafted into distinguishable themes such as oversized vents, a generously cut cuffed ankle and surprisingly flattering elasticated waistlines, a feature which is on the brink of being an oxymoron in itself and I’m pretty sure these reinterpreted Man Repelling techno-features are ones only we ladies find attractive on the same gender). Mesh, for example, used sparingly, layered beneath a loose fitting long-sleeved jumper, adds enough of the sportswear trend without looking like a member of the New York Yankees. Zips, oversized roll necks and sheer neon hooded garments as seen on Candice Swanepoel from this sublimely styled Elle Brazil January 2013 editorial prove that being sporty isn’t always just about physical exertion but can be translated into the paradox of semi-sculptured fluidity worn with elegant ease. And if sport-luxe isn’t your thing, fear not…..strip it back to colour blocking using a rainbow of typically athletic colours such as neon yellow, tropical turquoise, a splash of black and a small amount of metallic peekaboo-ing from the depths of your layers perhaps, not forgetting the colour tying the trend all together in a voluminous bow, white – et voila! Sport luxe sans the technofabrics.

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