An Animal Print Cocktail in the Winter Sun






Trousers – Topshop (last year) Very cool pair here from Mango / Shoes – ASOS – Very similar here from Dune

 Jumper – Mango / Scarf – H&M / Blazer – Thrifted – Similar one from Miss Selfridge here / Earrings – Sushilla

Sun. A rare sight at the moment. However, when its out, so am I, as you can see from these photos taken recently. The light in winter can be so harsh and unforgiving, however around 3pm, it takes on a warm, almost smoldering glow which turned out to be perfect when photographing these shimmery embroidered trousers. In my experience, mixing prints isn’t as straightforward as picking out random prints, I find I still need to give some thought into how your prints will clash in the right way. The colours of the individual pieces here were my focus, using the trousers as the starting point (check out these animal print ones from Mango here. Adding the emerald green scarf for some colour injection brought these Sushilla Emerald Green earrings to life and added contrast with the black and gold. I do love a black tuxedo jacket, however this one I’m wearing isn’t a good fit on me and needs replacing, it needs to be slightly more tailored around the back, but is definitely a wardrobe staple, sharpening up any outfit and looking especially chic with a pair of distressed jeans. I found a nice one from Miss Selfridge here which is tailored and a really good price. I wore this outfit to a very early Christmas meal at my parents before they left for Australia until the middle of February. Oh….Australia…..

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