Today I’m Loving….AllSaints AW12

As you may already know, AllSaints is one of my favourite clothing brands. They get the balance minimalism with rock-chic like no other brand I know of. During the hot summer months (hard to remember, I know) they’re a leader in festival attire….floaty dresses, cuban heeled ankle boots and heavy Rajasthani-inspired jewels and in the winter, the rails are filled with mysterious blacks and greys injected with an overload of glitter sending me into a Lady-Macbeth infused craze. I intended on putting together just one outfit from their AW12 collection, but I was too torn between so many pieces, especially their graphic tees, of which I would happily own every single one, so I decided to put together three – one daytime and two evening looks, in the hope that these will speedily allow us to ignore the wintery chills and turn our stylish thoughts to party outfits with pizazz* and casual camel coats….

* A jazzy word, I know, however it is allegedly a word originally said to have been quoted by Diana Vreeland in the 1930’s don’t you know.

Char Jumper Dress £165 / Cure Beanie £35 / Teague Ring £40 / Nikoi Coat £350 / Lakota Earring £45 / Elissa Tote Bag £195 / Harrah Pipe Skinny Trouser £250 / High Hessian Mix Boot £225

This daytime winter outfit fuses together textures of leather, wool and pony-hair and since my love for long lines and minimalism are going nowhere, both this timeless camel coat and fluffy jumper dress satisfy this desire with perfection. Add a few jewels, embracing warm tones and you have a sophisticated gritty-edged look you can wear long after the season ends.

Lakota Claw Necklace £120 / Mast Vest £35 / Strand Crombie Coat £295 / Elissa Shorts £120 / Cigarette Concealed 125 Heel £165 / Polanski Evening Clutch £95

I know this outfit may look a little chilly, but its so worth going through the pain whilst you get to your final destination….when everyone else is wearing a classic dress, this t-shirt-light-reflecting short-ensemble will do little to allow you to blur into the background. T-shirts like this one are my weakness – AllSaints excel at creating t-shirts with a genuine worn look, something so hard to create at home overnight. Frankly I’d rather buy this one than wait three years of washing something on a daily basis to get the same effect. Again, mixing up textures with sequins, virgin wool and pony hair, there’s a visual drama present thats hard to achieve with any other high street brands.

Sabian Matinee Necklace £55 / Robyn Devore Top £140 / Mosley Blazer £195 / Sabian Bracelet £45 / Jackson Evening Clutch £95 / Leather Biker Mini Skirt £150 / Doxy Heel £150 / Suvorov Republic Ring £20

For a slightly more sophisticated look, a blazer is key. This top, with discreet sheer sections across the midriff mixed up with this low-rise leather skirt still has a grunge feel, its just sharpened up with the lapels of a well-fitting blazer and being all black, means you can go all out with the jewels – load them up, stack them high.

To see the rest of the AllSaints Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, click here – they also have a very cool lookbook here if you’re searching for inspiration. And if you visit their homepage, they have a very cool video which features pieces from their current collection – turn it up loud, the soundtrack is dark and deep! More of their videos are available here.

The Mast Vest £35 and the Char Jumper Dress £165 would be my first purchases from this selection. What would yours be? Have you bought anything from AllSaints lately? Do tell!

One thought on “Today I’m Loving….AllSaints AW12

  1. I totally agree, I never really considered All Saints before as I thought it was a bit grungey & dark. How wrong I was, I decided to have an on-line browse & thought their stuff was AMAZING, understated with an edge, gorgeous fabrics & textures. Most skirts about a foot too short for me though as now definitely mutton not lamb!! On my wish list are the Francis jacket, Opium top & Elissa clutch. Just for starters.

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