How to wear….the black turtle neck

A few weeks ago, I mentioned investing in a black turtle neck as a staple piece as part of the capsule wardrobe and it suddenly dawned on me I could actually show you how I wear mine. The Zara one I wear over the next few photos is a fitted jumper, but I’m also on the look out for a looser, more oversized version, ideally cashmere, but thats probably one for Santa, so he’d better get Mrs Claus knitting.

Dress – Cos on eBay / Military Coat – Autograph at Marks and Spencer / Skinny leather belt – Gap / Turtle neck – Zara / Black Suede Boots – Zara (Similar here ) / Watch – Storm

I found this Cos dress on eBay recently and have pretty much lived in it ever since. Its made of the softest charcoal grey jersey, has a drop hem (short at the front, long at the back), is so comfortable and has a zip front. I’ve become slightly hypnotised by this minimalist brand recently, since it stocks the most amazing collection of simple, functional and timeless pieces appreciating innovative fabrics with high quality. Check them out here. Wearing a turtle neck jumper under a maxi dress more suited to the transitional seasons (ie spring and autumn) turns a semi-redundant piece from your wardrobe into an everyday outfit – perfect. And, yes, I have bare legs because I’m not the worlds biggest fan of tights and actually, I thought they would spoil this look – I think a little piece of leg between the hem and the boot breaks up the dark colours seamlessly.

Black Turtle Neck – Zara / Biker Jacket – Motel at ASOS / Trousers (AW12) – Jigsaw at Bicester Village / Suede studded pumps – Russell & Bromley

I love all black, though for a long time I was anti-black because everywhere I looked, its all I saw. But there’s something very chic about a black uniform – I’d love to be one of those cool dudes who could sport a black outfit of slight variety every day, but I get bored too easily. A black turtle neck looks pretty sophisticated underneath a black biker jacket but definitely leave the baubles for this look. Personally, adding a necklace adds thirty years to my look, which is why I leave the detail to the jacket. My mum bought me these trousers on a day out to Bicester Village a few weeks ago for my birthday, after I’vd been hunting for some tapered slacks for some time. The fine wool fabric hangs beautifully,  they’re flattering and perfect for day or evening or both. A tapered pair of black trousers are essential for a capsule wardrobe, so invest in a good pair – Whistles sell similar beautiful high quality trousers  for around £90-£100.

Shirt – H&M / Turtle neck – Zara  / Skirt – H&M / Shoes – Jimmy Choo at Bicester Village

For the final look, again, I went bare legged (shock horror) but tights would not have done these shoes any favours. I do normally wear tights with this skirt, along with the boots in the top photo from Zara. Wearing a shirt over a turtle neck jumper adds a casual feel to a normally ‘I’m an architect/graphic designer/product designer’ look and also serves as a practical extra layer, I guess you could say to compensate for the baltic leg situation. Adding a splash of colour to a minimal turtle neck is always a good move, providing a high contrast to the all-black number. Another purchase from Bicester Village was these shoes from Jimmy Choo which I fell for hook, line and sinker. Well, actually, it was the black ones I fell for, and when I got home, the pair in the box were blue, which came as a slight shock. But after a small amount of procrastination, I decided that the blue pair were destined to be mine. Black shoes are easily accessible in most styles, unlike navy blue shoes, so I embraced my decison and frankly, didn’t look back. These shoes are sightly deceiving to the eye, because when they’re off, the mesh is highly visible. When they’re on, the mesh is hard to see, and when photographed, they look how you want them to look, or perhaps I procrastinated far too much and still am. Whatever the case, these shoes are perfect.

I’m sure you don’t need my help with your turtle-neck wearing days but I always like to see how other people wear their clothes, and hope that you may also like to do the same.

6 thoughts on “How to wear….the black turtle neck

  1. Hey get you in that skirt! Swit Swoo… love that look! Liking it under the dress too… always forget about wearing mine under something else, yet always think it’s such a nice look. A black turtle neck is definately part of my capsule wardrobe and certainly a piece I rely on winter after winter… my one for this season is from Great Plains and is ribbed and so far I’m pretty pleased with it. Great piece and lovely photo’s! xx

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