BoBelle London // The wait is almost over…

You may remember Clare of BoBelle London when I first met her during London Fashion Week when I expressed my admiration for her beautifully crafted glitter-ball of an Ipad case. Well, two weeks ago, I went to visit Clare at her new office within Somerset House and was treated to a preview of the rest of her stylish bags and accessories. We first met for lunch along with Anna where as well as catching up, we also talked about the craft of leather. I’m a massive geek when it comes to finding out new information about how things are made and I was not disappointed talking to Clare. She certainly knows her craft. The insight both Anna and I got into the luxurious world of leather would astound you, it astounded me. How very reassuring to know that this knowledge becomes part of the investment when purchasing a high-quality BoBelle bag.

As much as I love the sparklesome (no, that’s not a word, but it should be) iPhone and iPad cases – oh, and clutch bags, as I saw during my visit, the bag which caught my eye the most was the black shoulder bag – its a bag style I’ve been looking for for a while. Its the perfect sized bag to wear over your shoulder, it’s the perfect colour and is beautifully finished with the trademark ‘BB’ clasp. Definitely a classic style of bag to add to the capsule wardrobe and  I can’t wait to see it when BoBelle launches very soon – I’m pretty sure it’ll be a bestseller.

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