High street fashion is leading the way


High street fashion may be fast but its definitely not flawed. High street companies from the Arcadia group such as Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and Miss Selfridge always pull out all the stops with their collections but I sense they’ve increased their productivity and quality again with their Spring/Summer 2013 range which I was excited to see yesterday. Although each brand has a different target market, the rails throughout were filled with garments constructed of diaphanous fabrics, which proved to be impossible to keep my hands off. Long line silhouettes and de-constructed hemlines provided a pared-down minimal edge to tailoring, with the explosive and chic sports-luxe theme creeping its way in again for another season. Oversized, slouchy sweatshirts are being reinvented with zips semi-buried within seams, collarless and cuff less, using luxurious fabrics transforming this versatile staple into a refined, tactile garment, cleverly convincing us to buy into this unearthed trend. Trousers have been transformed from a regularly uninspiring part of dressing into silky, tapered floaty garments, frequently adorned with digital graphic geometric designs and tribal, ethnic patterns, allowing us to declare a passion for dressing without breathing a word. The quality of high street clothing is comparable with that of luxury fashion – fabrics are high quality, beadwork is precise and trends mirror catwalk trends with lightning accuracy, allowing us all to have a little slice of the fast-paced business that is fashion.

Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge & Wallis Spring/Summer collections are in-store from February 2013 onwards.


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